Hi. I’m Sam Davies – The CoreFit Chiro

Welcome to my website!

So a little bit more about myself and the purpose of this website. I qualified as a Chiropractor in the UK in 2012 and started my journey in health care. I love being a Chiro and I love seeing all the good it can do for people, but I knew something was missing.

I decided very early on that I wanted to be able to give my patients the tools they needed to understand their own bodies and to keep themselves injury free, and I knew that Chiropractic alone couldn’t do that.



How did I know this? From my own personal experience! I have struggled with back pain since I was about 18 years old. It was always fairly manageable with Chiropractic, however in 2014 I started Functional Fitness Training. I fell in love with the sport very quickly and found myself at the gym most days.



The problem was that Functional Fitness Training doesn’t let you hide from imbalances that are going on in your body. I started to injure myself again and again and again. And no amount of Chiropractic treatment stopped those injuries from happening. It would ease the pain, but they just kept on happening.



I knew there was something else going on with my body, it just didn’t move the way it was supposed to. But I had no clue how to fix it.

After years of searching, and not knowing where to look, one of my good friends and colleagues introduced me to Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) in early 2017.



DNS looks at the way we breathe, the way we stabilise and the way we move. It looks at ideal and non-ideal patterns of movement, and how people who sustain more injuries exhibit more non-ideal patterns of movement, compared to those with more ideal patterns of movement. And how retraining more ideal patterns of movement  in people can in fact reduce pain and risk of injury.



These ideal patterns of movement develop during our early years. But something happens to us as we get older – whether that’s through injury, through leading a sedentary lifestyle, through inadequate clothing, or through confidence issues (as was the case for myself), and as a result we start to develop poor patterns. DNS uses the developmental patterns of movement seen during our younger years of life to reset the nervous system and the body.



THIS is what I had been looking for! So my new journey began. In 2018, I qualified as a DNS Exercise Trainer, and to date have completed 3 out of 4 courses towards qualifying as a DNS Practitioner, something which should have been happening in August 2020 – however due to the Global Pandemic, this has unfortunately had to be postponed until 2022.



My absolute passion in life is now using the techniques that I have learnt to help my patients to move well, train safe and stay injury free. And ultimately to be able to continue on doing the things that they love



I started to incorporate DNS into all my Chiropractic treatments and saw how amazing that combination was. My patients were moving better, lifting better and not injuring themselves, as I was able to educate them on how best to avoid those injuries from happening.



But I desperately wanted to be able to offer more to my patients. So to enhance my skill set, I decided to complete a series of Pilates Instructor Courses – more specifically APPI Matwork Levels 1-3, in order to learn how to teach movement on a bigger scale rather than just 121.



Despite this, it took the 2020 Lockdown to push me out of my comfort zone and finally pluck up the courage to start teaching what I love.



Cue ‘The CoreFit Chiro’ and ‘CoreFit Movement Training’ – Online Movement Flows aimed at getting you moving the way you were designed to move again, staying injury free and performing at your best.


One more thing you should know about me…I love to hike. And not just any hiking, Solo Hiking. You’ll probably see/hear me banging on about them in my blogs and my Instagram page @thecorefitchiro_explores. I’m a believer in self love and filling your cup with good energy. And this is where I get my energy from. If you’d like to hear more about my experiences, get tips and helpful related exercise videos, make sure you follow me. And read my blogs.


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